Q. What is CyberCoin?
A. CyberCoin is a crypto currency like Bitcoin, there are some differences however. The most important one is CyberCoin sole purposes is anonymity. We care about your privacy. So much that we develop mainly features in our wallet that involves a better user experience and your privacy.

Q. Why not just start a new coin, are you bagholders?
A. Starting a new coin would take more resources in promotion and off course distribution. Looking at the the amount of pages on bitcointalk.org, shows us CyberCoin before very active with a good community. Getting a crypto coin mainstream by creating a completely new altcoin would cost more time and money.

Q. Why do you step away from the initial plan of Cyber (nodes)?
A. We feel cloning other altcoins is not a solid basis for future development and acceptance.To create something unique, you need unique features, CyberNodes are not unique. Therefore we gave CyberCoin more priority. Perhaps we will add the CyberNodes in the future, but for now it is not part of our roadmap.

Q. Why would merchants start accepting this volatile altcoin?
A. The answer lies in our unique payment gateway. We looked and learned how coinpayments.net launched and maintained their service. There are many points where could be improved, so merchants not only get a better, but also a faster crypto currency experience.

Q. Can we trust you?
A. Not yet, since you don’t know us. However looking towards our roadmap and actions (no fancy pictures or rubbish plans). We are realistic and we are a team.