Development team:

- Crunck
- Ctgiant
- Maincoin

Design team:

- TronREX

Public & Relations team:

- HarryKPeters

Help us

CyberCoin is a community coin. We need your help to make it a succes.
If you have time and knowledge in developent & technical skills contact us. You can also help us by spreading the word about cyber on Social Media or ask merchants to accept CyberCoin in their webshop.

Or donate, any amount is welcome.
Bitcoin: 1JQvTCWBV515W1EagpyKJ4AH1a9MpViHU9
CyberCoin: CH22nm4rutuM2JYGgmvUMqN64R6nA9BLu6

All donations are used for bounties & marketing purposes.