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We believe CyberCoin will be a market leader in the acceptance of digital micro-payments. The name Cyber is well-known by the masses of Internet users. Therefore the initiative to a CyberCoin is a logic one. The CyberCoin developers target a broad audience who want the benefits that a crypto currency offers.

It‘s all in the name and when the ‘old’ developers started with CyberCoin, hopes and expectations were very high. Then, after a period of non-communication it came clear that the developers had abandoned CyberCoin. So the community decided to start a take-over. A take-over, meant to keep the project alive, but more-over to give CyberCoin a purpose. Our take-over will be started with 2 very promising projects, alongside many features and services.

Bringing users and merchants together
The CyberPay project is meant to give CyberCoin a purpose. We target a broad user base and with the fair distribution in place, the time has come to give merchants and consumers an opportunity to use CyberCoin for online payments. Since anonymous payments are important to our user base, ANON features will be developed.

The second part is to reach out to merchants. For this we will target several payment providers. With a working payment gateway step two comes into effect where we will show merchants CyberCoin is the crypto coin of the future.
With fancy presentation materials, a promotion team will expand our merchant base.

The Cyber Game project will target gamers to use CyberCoin for competing against each other to win CyberCoins, But there is more. Why not use CyberPay to pay for your games ;-).

More features will be added alongside the road, but let's face it. The developers left us. Therefore this project depends on donations, else we can’t start with our ideas. Yes, CyberCoin has now become a community coin. This means, CyberCoin needs the community in every way possible.

Developers can help by building features, marketeers are most welcome to help out on the SEO, Social Media Marketing and/or contact services for CyberCoin. If you can‘t do both but want CyberCoin to succeed, please donate:
BitCoin: 1JQvTCWBV515W1EagpyKJ4AH1a9MpViHU9
CyberCoin: CH22nm4rutuM2JYGgmvUMqN64R6nA9BLu6

After all.. It is not us who can save CyberCoin, it is the community whom can save CyberCoin.
contact (at)

  • Launched: 9 PM GMT Tuesday March 31st, 2015/ No premine No ICO
  • Ticker: CC
  • Max coin PoW: 88 million
  • Hashing algorithm: Scrypt
  • Interest: vPos 2.0 variable
  • Block generation: 64 seconds
  • Transaction confirmations:  10
  • Min age: 1 hour, no max age
  • Maturity: 61 confirmations
  • Port: 17771
  • Rpc port: 17772

Proof of Work Rewards: ~ 3 days
  • blocks 1 to 88: 100 CC
  • blocks 89 to 763: 58000 CC
  • blocks 764 to 1438: 37000 CC
  • blocks 1439 to 2113: 20000 CC
  • blocks 2114 to 2788: 10000 CC
  • blocks 2789 to 3463: 4000 CC
  • blocks 3464 to 4138: 2000 CC
  • High vPoS starts at block 2788
  • Normal vPoS starts at block 12000
  • 0.5% based on each vPoS block goes to community fund
  • CFA: CZ4a9SMt3QrFFuK7KJWmLaeVNgGKyQm28W

High vPoS rewards ~15 days / Normal vPoS rewards after 15 days:
    ┌  block size % of total supply
    ├ % < 0.1%
    ├ % > 0.5%
    ├ % > 1.0%
    ├ % > 5.0%
    ├ % > 10%
    └ % > 20%
    ┌ High vPoS reward per block
    ├ .1 %
    ├ .5 %
    ├  1 %
    ├  2 %
    ├  5 %
    └ 10 %
    ┌ Normal vPoS reward per block
    ├ .01 %
    ├ .02 %
    ├ .03 %
    ├ .04 %
    ├ .05 %
    └ .07 %
*   CyberCoin vPoS reward % is calculated per block and will change based on % of staked block from total coin supply
** The wallet will display amount of coins needed in a block to achieve a certain stake percent (see screenshots below)

Translation: >Total 500K (100K per language)
Spanish [CLAIMED]

Tipbots: Total 2M (1M per tipbot)

Games: Total 1M (500k per item)

Social: Total 1M (500k per item)




IRC: #cyber-coin